Stephen Davis
The Holographic Universe
"How quantum physics and recent scientific experiments are radically
changing our understanding of life, our reality, and our spirituality..."

"The Holographic Universe Workshops" is an attempt at a scientific view of our reality, which, according to quantum physics and its in-depth research, is a "projection" rather than a physical, material reality. How is that possible? What evidence is there? Where is its source? What are the consequences for our lives and who makes "projection"?

Workshops are prepared in a very understandable way. The author - Stephen Davis by the words of renowned and respected university scientists from around the world, introduces us into the framework of quantum physics and its mechanisms. Everything is provided to understand the hardest, most interesting and at the same time the most important issues for us. We are living in 21st century; we are intelligent; and all we have to do is open our mind and analyze the subject, which is given in a very understandable form. This journey into holographic reality - as the scientists call it - will change the way we perceive the world and above all our lives. Also, those who are fans of the science series of Discovery channels should be fully satisfied. Interest in "Holographic Workshops" can be attributed to the fact that in the original English language, all five parts of YouTube have over 2 million views.

Contrary to popular belief that science generally excludes the existence of any creator, quantum physics assumes exactly the opposite. It must exist and there are numerous proofs (through quantum physics), confirming its bold theories. But how much is this scientific view different from what all the well-known religions offer? Over a hundred years, countless attempts have been made to clarify issues concerning our reality and ourselves as people in it. How does it work and what is the human brain really? What role does it play and what is its connection with the creator? We will find evidence in this subject for many years and their number is still growing, because quantum physics is the science of investing enormous resources to deepen the mysteries of existence. An example of such an investment is the Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest particle (hadrons) accelerator located in CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) near Geneva to help with this search.

If you are looking for logical answers to difficult questions about human existence, you will find a lot of valuable information here. You will be able to confront your life's beliefs, your own life experiences, with scientific models, which in turn explain the rules governing the world. It is very important that this material is not a religious system, nor anything that could appear to be such.

There will also be a vast, fascinating and most important part devoted to reflections on the creator and the purpose of calling us to existence. These analyzes will be based on the scientific models we will learn during the workshop so that the attempt to answer the questions posed is as reliable as possible. Why are there so many tragic events from the human point of view? Why do most popular religious doctrines suffer in confrontation with such experiences, unable to explain them? Can there be a satisfactory answer to this an answer without religious connotation, which at the same time assumes that we have higher power over us?

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